3D printer

Label: Fortus 250mc

Technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

Slice height: 0,33 mm; 0,254 mm; 0,178 mm

Material: ABS plastics

Colours: Ivory; White; Black; Dark Gray; Red; Blue; Olive Green; Nectarine; Fluorescent Yellow.

Maximal dimensions of model: 254 mm x 254 mm x 305 mm

Support material: Soluble in a special liquid

3d scanning device

Label: ATOS compact scan 2M

Technology: Optical 3D scaner

Measured area: 125 mm; 500 mm

Dimension and position deviation: cca 0,01 mm (as university laboratory, we do not update deviation certificates)

Moulding device

Label: MK Mini

Technology: Vacuum silicone moulding

Maximal dimensions of mould: 450 mm x 470 mm x 400 mm